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7 Core Beliefs of Unstoppable Leaders

7 Core Beliefs of Unstoppable Leaders

Great leaders come from all cultures and all levels of society but there are some common beliefs that all unstoppable leaders share. In fact, beliefs are one of the most important things about a person  – some of them can be a powerful driving force, while others limit our potential.

For example, here is a popular belief “I have to work hard to succeed.” This belief is a limiting one as it implies that you will have to sacrifice other parts of your life (family, health, hobbies) to succeed.

Instead, great leaders say “I have to do my best to succeed”. This belief is empowering as it emphasises development, improvement and new possibilities. You still accept the idea of working hard but allow yourself to take time to rest and renew energy to do your best.

Everyone needs to choose their beliefs wisely. And here are 7 powerful beliefs that will serve you in becoming an outstanding leader.

#1. Believe in your own value

Don’t question “Will I make a difference?”, ask “What difference can I make?”

#2. Vision requires action

The vision that doesn’t find expression in action is pointless. Define behaviours that will create desired outcomes and take steps – no matter how small or simple they can be – to bring your big idea to life.

#3. Strengths have corresponding weaknesses

You can’t be great at everything (and if fact, nobody can), so it’s important to learn to accept your weaknesses. Instead, focus on self-development and self-improvement – it will help to compensate your weaknesses.

#4. Talks are good but actions are better

Whenever you have a meeting make sure you end up with the action plan, otherwise you just waste time. Make sure you answer three questions “What have you done? What are you doing? What will you do tomorrow?”

#5. Lead by serving

Regardless of their formal title or position, people who want to be great leaders must embrace an attitude of service to others – through helping, coaching, empowering, etc. After all, success is about the achievements of others.

#6. Challenges are opportunities

Stick to a positive mindset and never use excuses to ‘stay in place’ – see opportunities in every difficulty.

#7. Impact requires effort

Unglamorous as it may sound, impact requires sweaty endurance and persistence. So just do it!

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