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4 Great Tips on How to Create Your Work Plan

The spontaneous execution of work tasks is considered to be a bad form in any profession – almost all specialists tend to schedule their work. So that is why it is important to make a proper work planning!

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Continuous Integration vs Continuous Delivery: Their Influence on Business Processes

When it refers to the development process improvement, there are two ordinary things that come to mind: continuous integration and continuous delivery. But how to understand what to do first, or when is it the time for dynamic actions?

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Project Portfolio Management: Its Features and Business Advantages

Decisive and global business goals require their befitting solutions. So that’s why it is a good practice to use so-called project portfolios that are true helpers in achieving the desired results.

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Work Timer Systems: Why Is it Worth Practicing Them Nowadays?

Time is money and rightly so! It is considered to be a common business practice to use such a system as work timer that allows employees to know how much hours they spend at their work and how their team is effective.

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What is Statement of Work in Project Management?

Project management processes include paperwork and many different documents. It doesn’t matter what industry you represent: PM docs are constant throughout the life cycle of any project. Read More

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