How Hygger Helps the Digital Marketing Agency Succeed. The Story of Digital Empire |

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How Hygger Helps the Digital Marketing Agency Succeed. The Story of Digital Empire

How Hygger Helps the Digital Marketing Agency Succeed. The Story of Digital Empire

The world is advancing rapidly and it’s crucial to use up to date marketing methods in any business. Digital Empire is the online marketing agency with the expertise & capabilities to convert first-time ad viewers to a sale.

These serious objectives require the work of a cohesive team, intelligent management and the use of powerful management tools. How does Hygger help the team to be more productive and manage their important tasks?

Here is our brief conversation with Luke Widas, Digital Empire, Digital marketing company. El Paso, Texas.


What kind of problems does Hygger help you to solve?

A lot of our problems were coming from not knowing when tasks were important and when weren’t. So we use a lot of the value scales on different boards, depending on the clients, on sales, and also depending on what we’re creating.

In digital marketing, we do a lot. We do things like website and basic app development, we build sales funnels, and a lot of these things can get complicated because we could get lost in developing one thing that isn’t as valuable as the other things.


Any other PM tools used? Why did Hygger become a choice?
We tried Trello, Bitrix, and so many different kinds of other project management tools. The biggest reason that we came back to Hygger is that we can value what’s important to us.

Me and my partner created a value scale, depending on what board and what project we’re doing. So it’s really easy for us to know what’s most important so that we can work on that rather than work on things that are less important.
We also love to use the timeline. We take a screenshot and we send it to our clients so that they would know exactly where we are and what we’re going to do when they ask us like, “When’s this going to happen?”.We can build out a complete timeline for them and show them, “This is how it’s going to go.”


Did you decide to use Hygger mostly because of backlog with prioritization and because of the roadmap?

That’s correct.   


If you’re actively using backlog, what type of prioritization do you use?

We use RICE.


What about weighted scoring or have you created your own criteria to evaluate tasks?

Yes. We do that. It’s more for my own personal workflow because, honestly, because  I can’t really pass it on to someone.


Please, name three main features that are crucial for you in Hygger?

  1. App integrations. As we use it with Slack, that’s a crucial one because it’s our complete form of communication and it allows me to keep up with what’s happening in the company without having to actually even open up Hygger. I get immediate notifications whenever something gets completed, whenever something gets created, so it allows me to see it at a glance.
  2. Timeline. It’s critical. It’s a core component of our business. We were creating them from scratch before, and that was a pain.
  3. Scoring. We use different scoring for different things like I was talking about, so I think just having the scoring feature available is amazing and having different options makes it even better.
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