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Create more effective product roadmaps for your Agile team

Use Hygger to share your vision, goals, strategy, releases and features with the help of smart roadmaps

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Define your strategy, plan releases and ship the best software on time

Define what to build first

Score features and pick out the better ones from the top of the prioritized backlog.

Create high-level overview

Visualize your high-level initiatives on a strategic Roadmap board.

Detailed releases

Drill down from high-level picture to detailed releases.

Develop using Scrum or Kanban

Use Kanban and Scrum boards to develop planned features 3x faster.

Link development tasks to Roadmap

Import tasks from Development boards on you Roadmap to see the actual progress.

Share your Roadmap

Add anyone you want from the company to your Roadmap and share global plans or the closest releases.

Everything you need to keep a living, up-to-date product roadmap

Link tasks from other boards

Link tasks from other boards in Hygger to track their progress.

Group Tasks

Group tasks within Roadmap to see future work in big quadrants.

Share Roadmap

Invite anyone you want to the Roadmap board and share your plans.

Track Tasks Statuses

See the status of the task regardless of whether it is local task or the task from another board.

Customize Colors

Change tasks colors on the chart to make tasks differ.

Scale Chart

Get the high-level picture of the project or drill down to the specific tasks.

Get more benefits with Hygger Integrations

Choose integrations from the Hygger Marketplace to reach your milestones even faster.

Keep the product vision and focus on its alignment with your business goals.

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