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Why To Use Personal Kanban Tool?

Why To Use Personal Kanban Tool?

There are lots of Kanban tools in modern software development industry. It is extremely important for every software developer to choose the right project management tool for his project. In this article we will tell you about a particular kind of Kanban tools called personal Kanban tools. Before finding the definition for a personal Kanban tool it is necessary to say a few words about the classification of Kanban project management applications.

Generally, there are two main categories of Kanban tools: kanban project management applications for business, and personal Kanban tools.

The first category includes only applications that were designed especially for large companies and teams of developers. Their interface differs from the interface of personal Kanban tools. If you are a project manager or an owner of a software development company, it is better for you to choose one of these tools. They are perfect for work in large teams.

The difference between personal Kanban tools and Kanban tools for business is significant. First of all, the interface of personal Kanban tools is simpler. That is because of the fact that they were designed especially for individual developers. Today lots of people work as freelancers. This is especially topical for software development industry. Many software developer ‎work at home. It means that they need to have project management applications that are suitable for home computers. Hence, simplicity is the main criterion for personal Kanban tools quality. A good personal Kanban tool is usually web based. That is because of the fact that there is no need to load such applications on your computer. Such tools are very convenient for software developers who work at home. It means that they should not waste the memory of their computers for project management applications. When they want to see the progress of their work or to conduct other activities related to project management tools, they just have to enter the official website of one of these applications. Personal project management tools are usually simple enough, so they can be used both by high experienced developers and beginners. Probably that is one of their largest advantages.

Another criterion for a good personal Kanban tool is its open source. A supreme personal Kanban project management application must be free. That is because of the fact that individual developers usually have quite small budget for their projects. They cannot pay too much for project management tools, so it is better for them to use these applications for free. Luckily, most personal Kanban tools are free and web-based, so there are lots of items to choose of.

Wide functionality is also a very important feature of every good personal Kanban tool. Such tools are used by individual developers, so they must have a functionality that is even wider than the functionality of Kanban tools for business. That is because of the fact that an individual developer must conduct all software development operations himself.

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