What is Defect Tracking System?

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What is Defect Tracking System?

What is Defect Tracking System?

Defect tracking is widely used by the software development teams regardless of the methodology they prefer. Perhaps it is the most important part of every software development project. In this article we will tell you what is defect tracking and how is it conducted. To answer these questions we have, first of all, to realize what are defects in software development and why they occur.

Defect is actually an error in the product’s code. Usually such errors occur during the initial work on the project. The developers may make mistakes just like any other people. That is quite normal. However, to meet all the customer’s requirements, the team must fix all defects before the final product is provided to him. It is necessary because defects may lead to incorrect work of the created software. That means that the final product will have fewer advantages in competitive struggle. If a certain software development company creates such products, it may ruin its reputation very fast.

What is defect tracking in software testing?

Actually, defect tracking is an important part of the testing process in every software development team. Usually the created software is tested when it is almost ready. In most software development projects testing is conducted only at the final stage of their realization. Such an approach has a number of disadvantages. First of all, they are connected to the inability to fix the defects that occurred at the early stages of the project’s realization. In such situations the team has to run the project from the very beginning, and it will require additional time and cost.

What is a defect tracking system?

Defect tracking systems are applications that were created to simplify the process of defect tracking. Before their invention, the software development teams had to conduct defect tracking without using any technical means. Now the process is much simpler.

To track defects the developers have to find them. Usually that is made in the process of testing. Sometimes the testing process may involve final users. In such cases they have to estimate the product and report on its bugs. In other cases the team conducts testing and detects defects themselves. Such an approach requires greater time amounts, but it helps to detect defects more effectively.

After the defect is found, all the data on it is placed in the defect tracking system, which creates defect reports and defect lists automatically.

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