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Some developers think that project management tools for Lean methodology are subdivided into several categories according to the processes they have to manage. That is why many programmers wonder: “What are Lean analysis tools?” The answer to this question is both simple and complex at the same time. Before giving it, we have to find the proper definition for analysis in Lean methodology.

The first thing you should know about Lean analysis is that there are two types of it in every Lean project. Both of them are related to the process of project management.

The first type is called Lean process analysis. Its definition is quite simple. Usually it is defined as a process of project realization analysis. Process analysis is conducted during the entire period of project realization. In software development this process is also called project monitoring or project tracking. It is aimed at detecting problems with plan implementation and project realization.

The second type is Lean problem analysis. When the developers detect a problem with project realization or plan implementation they have to analyze it. It is necessary to understand the source of this problem. Later the data of such analysis is used during the stage of project control, when all problems with project realization are eliminated.

So what are Lean analysis tools?

Actually, there are no tools designed especially for Lean analysis. That is because of the fact that both process and problem analyses are parts of the project management process. It means that these operations can be handled with the help of Lean project management tools. Modern software market is full of such applications, so the only thing you should do is to choose the one you need.

Most specialists agree that Lean project management tools are subdivided into two large categories.

The first of them includes commercial Lean tools. In most cases these applications are stationary. That is why some developers consider them inconvenient. However, their functionality is extremely wide. These tools are professional Lean project management applications. Most large software development companies use them.

The second category includes free Lean tools. Most of them are web-based. This feature makes them extremely popular among freelancers and beginning developers. Additionally, such tools usually have extremely simple interfaces. However, their functionality is not as wide as the functionality of paid Lean applications.

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