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What Are the Key Aspects of Successful Product Requirements Document?


Any strategy without a documented basis is just an idle promise. Each victorious battle began with a brief but capacious and substantial plan. Actually, which product manager does not dream of becoming a great strategist?

It’s a good way to start the development of any product with fixing all its requirements, ideas and strategic steps in Product Requirements Document. Here’s all about it.

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How to Boost the Audience from 12 Million to 375 Million? Growth Hack From Badoo


If you create a dating site, you definitely should keep in mind some effective and awesome growth hacking tactics that are so popular today. Were these hacks relevant 10 years ago?

Here’s the story of the dating app Badoo, which rapid growth of popularity was something incredible. What were the viral tricks used to get such success? And why should we recollect Facebook here?

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How to Become a Guru of Prioritization?


Managers who are able to determine priorities are successful strategists.

There are dozens of smart technologies and methods to improve these skills. However, any methodology is effective in its context and can have absolutely no sense in applying to a particular product.

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Is it possible to improve time management and become more creative at the same time?


Mikhail Liakh, Soft Skills Co-founder and coach, shares some insights about productivity and creativity skills.

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7 Golden Rules for Project Management Success


In theory, project management seems pretty straightforward – you define the requirements, assign the right people, set the budget, deadline, and the project gets done. But in reality, it is never that simple. The scope is often changed, the team gets conflicting information and doesn’t know what to expect… As a result, you miss the deadline and exceed the budget.

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3 Traits High-Performing IT Teams Have in Common


What do high-performing IT teams have in common? How do they manage to constantly deliver innovative products on schedule and achieve customer satisfaction? In this article, we’ve analysed what helps the most successful IT teams stay competitive and create functional and user-friendly products that are in high demand.

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7 Soft Skills Every Project Manager Needs to Master


To be a successful project manager, you need a certain set of technical abilities as well as soft skills that can help overcome inherent project management challenges – from scope creep to delays and conflicts among team members.

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5 Proven Strategies for Effective Team Communication


All successful projects start with a strong team, and project teams are strong only when they have effective communication strategies and each team member is informed about what’s going on. Here are proven strategies to keep constant team communication and maximise your chances to achieve project goals successfully.

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3 Misconceptions IT Leaders have about Agile


Today ‘agile’ is a buzz-word, and almost every organisation aspires to adopt its ‘best practices’. Startups and mature companies go for agile in pursuit of its advantages – decreased cycle times, improved customer collaboration, timely response to change, and so on. Despite its popularity, there still some common misconceptions CIOs have about agile.

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Top 8 Tips for Keeping IT Projects On Track


There are many things that can get your project off track – poor communication, scope creep, team members who don’t understand what’s expected of them… This is just a small list of problems project managers have to deal with on a daily basis. So how do you keep your project under control and complete it successfully?

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10 Tricky Questions Project Managers Should be Prepared for in a Job Interview


Job interviews are often even more stressful than the new job itself. This is especially true for project managers as the PM role differs from company to company in terms of responsibilities and the level of accountability. Most candidates expect to be asked about their strengths, weaknesses and skills. But there are often a couple of tricky questions that you’d better think over and prepare to answer in advance.

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5 Success Tips for Managing without Authority and Getting Work Done


One of the biggest challenges project managers face is how to get people to do work without constantly having to chase them. In other words, how to manage without authority.

Have you ever been in the situation when people commit to doing a task but when the deadline arrives they still haven’t completed it? Do you feel that you constantly have to chase employees to get work done and it’s time-consuming and tiring? If you are facing this issue again and again, here are five simple tips that will become your recipe for project management success.

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