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How to Choose the Best Approach Among Different Project Management Methodologies?


The large family of management methodologies consists of many different members like any other large family. Some of them are distinguished by traditional views and approaches, some have very narrow interests and cannot get along with everyone, and some are considered very flexible and open to changes.

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The Essential List of Best Practices for Agile Ninjas


Originated in software development, the Agile methodology has spread and become popular in many industries as it focuses on continuous improvement, scope flexibility, team input, and delivering high-quality products.

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4 Specific Ways You Can Benefit from Agile Practices Today


Though we like to view software development as engineering, we must also remember that it is a craft. It takes sound technical skills, a passion for quality, and an open mind to design software that is useful for customers and adds value to a business.

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Choosing an Agile Framework: Are You Doing it Right?


Nowadays Agile is a buzz-word that has been widely used in both startups and large corporations. For software development companies adopting Agile means finds an effective approach to address incremental iterations, face-to-face communication and customer quality.

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Tests in Extreme Programming


Extreme Programming is becoming increasingly popular among modern software developers day after day. Many programmers want to know more about Extreme Programming tests. Such interest is explained with the great significance of tests for XP. In this article we will describe it. But before doing that, we will give the general definition for Extreme Programming.

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Feedback in Extreme Programming


If you are a software developer, you have definitely heard of Extreme Programming. This is a popular Agile method of software development that was designed especially for projects with extremely short terms of product delivery. Specialists define 12 practices in Extreme Programming. They are subdivided into four groups. One of these groups is called feedback, or fine-scale feedback. Let’s look at this group in greater detail in order to understand the methodology of Extreme Programming and to learn its main practices.

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Extreme Programming 101: XP Project Stages


Extreme Programming methodology is one of the Agile software development methods. Currently, it is very popular among large and small companies all over the world. This article will tell you about the main features of XP methodology.

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Extreme Programming Software Development


Extreme Programming Software development methodology is popular today. But what are its main principles? In this article we will look at XP in greater detail to understand its goals, methods, and the entire process of software development.

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Main Principles of Extreme Programming


Many software developers wonder: “What are Extreme programming principles?” You may be surprised with this question, but today there is no unified definition of these principles. Some people write about 14 principles of Extreme Programming. The others define 12 XP principles. If you want to learn the basic principles of Extreme Programming and find out the truth, this article is for you.

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Extreme Programming User Stories


Various software development methodologies use various means to set goals of their projects and formulate clear vision of products they need to create. Traditional software development methods usually use strict documentation to achieve this goal. In Agile methodologies this issue is solved through user stories. In this article we will tell you about Extreme Programming user stories.

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Life Cycle of Extreme Programming


Each software development methodology has its own life cycle. In some methods it is more complex; others contain just a few stages. However, it is impossible to understand a software development methodology without learning its life cycle. In this article we will tell you about the life cycle of Extreme Programming, but before doing that it is necessary to give the proper definition for XP.

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Extreme Programming Dictionary


Modern software development industry has lots of project management methodologies. For a regular programmer, it is necessary to know at least the basics to work with them successfully. One of these methodologies is called Extreme Programming. In this article, we will explain you the main XP notions and terms. But before doing that it is necessary to say a few words about the methodology itself.

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