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8 Ways to Become A Stand-Out Leader and Unlock Your Potential

8 Ways to Become A Stand-Out Leader and Unlock Your Potential

These days companies face a huge amount of challenges. Uncertainty and unpredictability have become the norm, and in these conditions, it’s not enough to be a good leader. You have to stand out to lead the company in a changing environment and inspire people to get better results.

There are many qualities that define a good leader, but stand-out leaders are the ones who constantly maximise their potential and improve themselves. Why? Because stand-out leaders know about the ‘domino effect’ – when you improve, the people around you improve.

6 ways you may be shrinking your potential

  • Ignoring feedback
  • Over-praising your good qualities (and underestimating hard work)
  • Thinking other people should change (not you)
  • Justifying your weaknesses (“this is just the way I’m”)
  • Looking for approval from others
  • Waiting “for the sun to shine” – not seizing opportunities yourself.

8 ways to become a stand-out leader

#1. Delegate – develop yourself by developing others

It’s a great opportunity – on one hand, you show and help others do what you do well. On the other hand, when you delegate, you free time for yourself and your own development in other areas.

#2. Explore what irritates you

E.g. what you dislike about your team members or business partners. Irritations are often a mirror, and what you dislike about others is often what you dislike about yourself. Examine your irritations and work on them.

#3. Pay more attention to your performance, and less attention to how others perform

#4. Challenge yourself

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.

#5. Don’t neglect small opportunities

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

#6. Keep daily records

Whenever you read or hear something interesting or surprising, explore it straight away or write it down to look through later.

#7. Don’t be afraid to swim against the current

Learn best practices but walk your own way.

#8. Build relationships with people who are experienced in the areas you want to improve

Connecting with people who are better than you in a specific area is a great opportunity for knowledge sharing and personal growth.

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