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8 Communication Roles Every Project Should Have

8 Communication Roles Every Project Should Have

Many teams when starting a project focus mostly on the technical aspect. But it’s important to remember that every successful project needs support activities, aka stakeholder engagement, distribution, etc. All these processes require certain communication roles that are a must-have if you want to succeed.

While every project is different, roles will differ as well. However, there are some core communication roles that are typical for most projects.


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1. Setting the direction

  • Choosing the focus of communication activities and prioritizing them
  • Scheduling
  • Helping team members to keep up with the project schedule


2. Creating content

  • Researching, creating, and putting into work creative content – words, images, videos, etc.


3. Managing production

  • Dealing with the production of all creative content as well as organizing events.


4. Managing distribution


5. Managing campaigns

  • Defining the scope of the campaign and managing all communication activities – digital, print, face-to-face, etc.


6. Connecting with suppliers

  • Dealing with providers outside the team, e.g. representatives of other parts of the organization, consultants, people responsible for the production of creative content, etc.


7. Connecting with stakeholders

  • Communicating with key stakeholders to get their support and involve them in the project.


8. Evaluating

  • Estimating outputs – data analysis of how communication activities keep with business goals support project objectives.
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