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5 Secret Wishes IT Project Managers Dream About

5 Secret Wishes IT Project Managers Dream About

Every job has its joys and sorrows, and being an IT project manager is no exception. You have to set priorities, make decisions and deal with constantly changing requirements, tasks and deadlines. Working at such an intense pace and managing so many things at the same time is really stressful and can blow anyone’s mind.

But what if you were granted a wish, what would you choose? Here are five things every IT project manager secretly wishes for.

Wish No. 1: To be involved in the project from the very start

Every IT manager wants to get involved in the project from its very start. What all executives should understand is that experienced project managers are people who know exactly how to budget the right resources, ask the right questions and make correct assumptions. They know the best ways to satisfy customers’ expectations and get a successful outcome. Reason enough to get them involved in the very beginning when the project is at the stage of discussion.

Wish No. 2: To have a perfect team for each project

It’s always the biggest challenge to put together people with the necessary skills and experience that would meet specific requirements and complete the project within budget and schedule. So no wonder a high-performing and dedicated team at any point in time is what every IT project manager wishes for.

Wish No. 3: To have a simple yet powerful project management tool

Reporting is a nightmare for any project manager. You have to deal with endless spreadsheets, inaccurate data, missing information… the list goes on. That’s why every project manager wishes to have a tool that gathers all project -related information and allows to react quickly and take actions to get the project back on track.

Wish No. 4: To have precise project objectives and requirements

How often have you had to start projects still having vague objectives? Unfortunately, too many projects get launched with imprecise goals and product requirements. And it’s okay to have some unclear items but if they don’t get refined later, your project is heading on to nowhere.

Wish No. 5: To be treated with respect

Too often company executives forget that project managers are leaders who are trained to help the team reach project goals. They are not potboys! So they should not be treated like administrative assistants, and their skills should not be wasted on conducting the executive’s meetings.

What are your top wishes? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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