What is Lean Project Management Software?

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What is Lean Project Management Software?

What is Lean Project Management Software?

If you are a software developer, you probably know that there are lots of project management methodologies today. Some of them have sequential structure. Others are iterative. But regardless of their specific features, all of them require special applications to make the process of project management simpler. In this article we will tell you about software for Lean project planning and management. But before doing that, it is necessary to answer the question: –“What is project management in Lean?”

Actually, there is only one definition of project management in software development. It is a complex process aimed at creating high quality software products and delivering them in time. A software development project cannot exist without project management. Researchers usually define only three stages of project management lifecycle in software development: project planning, project monitoring, and project control.

Project planning is probably the most important stage of software project management. It usually takes place at the beginning of every project. The main goal of project planning is to define all tasks of the team for the period of project realization and to forecast the terms of product delivery. A good and realistic plan is the basis of every software development project.

After the plan is formulated, the stage of project monitoring starts. It lasts until the final product is delivered to the customer. Project monitoring is aimed at detecting all problems with plan implementation.

These problems are removed at the next stage of the project management life cycle that is called project control. After that the final or intermediate product is tested to make sure that the above mentioned problems didn’t impact its functionality.

Lean projects have the same project management cycle as projects of other methodologies.

Now, as we know what Lean project management is, let’s discuss Lean project management software.

Project management applications are tools designed to simplify the above mentioned process of project management. Their main functional feature is the ability to visualize the workflow of software development teams. Various project management applications can visualize the progress of Lean projects in several different forms like charts, tables, or diagrams. The visualization function helps the developers forecast the terms of product delivery at the stage of project planning. It is also necessary at the monitoring stage to make sure that the project develops normally and there is no problems with plan implementation. At the stage of project control Lean project management tools can test the software products automatically. That is because of the fact that some of these applications can be used as issue trackers. They are capable of detecting bugs, reporting on them, and creating bug lists to avoid similar defects in the future. As you can see, project management tools are irreplaceable for any Lean software development team.

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