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How to Choose the Best Approach Among Different Project Management Methodologies?


The large family of management methodologies consists of many different members like any other large family. Some of them are distinguished by traditional views and approaches, some have very narrow interests and cannot get along with everyone, and some are considered very flexible and open to changes.

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5 Things IT Managers Should Understand about Agile Development


We’ve all heard that a million times before: agile approaches can help create better software faster. For IT managers and developers it means creating high-quality bug-free software that meets or exceeds user expectations, and delivering it on time and within budget. So how can agile make these goals achievable?

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Agile Project Management: A Quick Start Guide for Beginners


If you’re new to project management and agile, there are many different aspects you have to consider to effectively apply the agile methodology to your business. This might seem overwhelming for beginners, so we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions that cover the agile basics every PM freshman needs to know.

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Why You Need Agile to Avoid Project Failures


Failures happen every day to businesses in all types of industries around the world. In some cases, problems are the sole fault of the employees or businesses. In other cases, they may be due to the customer, including insufficient, over-ambitious or unnecessary requirements, poor contract drafting and contract management… the list goes on. So the question is: can agile help IT companies avoid project management headaches?

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4 Steps to Make Your Enterprise More Agile (and Benefit from It)


In today’s business world, agile has become the synonym for speed and innovation. But many organisations still believe they are too big or too process-oriented to scale agile across the whole enterprise – instead, they limit it to one or two departments. Does this sound familiar to you?

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7 Agile Misconceptions that May Be Holding You Back


Agile has been highly popularized since 2001: the traditional Waterfall development was considered slow and dysfunctional while Agile promised a quick response to changing business requirements and client needs.

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Open Source Waterfall Tools


Let’s discuss Waterfall project management tools. Most software developers know that they are subdivided into two large categories: open source Waterfall tools and commercial applications. The first category is more popular among software developers. That is why we will tell you about it.

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Waterfall and Other Methodologies


Modern software development has lots of methodologies. Every company has its own preferences regarding methodology. However, all of them are aimed at achieving the same goal – creating high quality software. Waterfall is often compared to other methodologies. Partially that is because of the fact that it is a traditional method of software development. As a new software development methodology originates, it is compared with Waterfall to define its advantages and disadvantages. Since the 1950s when it was implemented, Waterfall became the golden standard of software development. In this article we will compare this traditional methodology with other methods and define their advantages and disadvantages.

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Tools for Waterfall Methodology


Modern software development industry has lots of tools used in Waterfall model. Many software developers all over the world use them every day. However, there are lots of beginning programmers who want to know what Waterfall method tools actually are. To answer this question properly we have to remember the main features of Waterfall methodology.

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The Risks of Waterfall Methodology


On the Internet you can find many articles on Waterfall methodology risks. They describe various aspects of this important issue. However, only few of them provide the full information on Waterfall risk management. In this article we will tell you about this important issue of software development. But before doing that, let’s remember the main features of Waterfall methodology, because it is impossible to understand Waterfall risks without doing that.

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Waterfall Chart As The Main Tool


Many programmers who want to work in Waterfall wonder: – “What are Waterfall charts?” The answer is not as simple as may seem. Most modern software development teams use Waterfall chart tools to manage their projects.

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Waterfall Lifecycle


Waterfall methodology of lifecycle is probably the most famous among all software development methods. Partially that is because of the fact that Waterfall is considered the traditional methodology of software development and most teams all over the world use it to manage their projects. However, it is necessary to talk about Waterfall lifecycle methodology and to define all related features. Before describing the Waterfall lifecycle we should say a few words about the methodology itself.

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