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Types of Motivation that Help You in Achieving Great Business Results

Types of Motivation that Help You in Achieving Great Business Results

People working in project teams always need enthusiasm and strong reasons for doing their job to get great results. How to get the burning desire to achieve a specific goal?

Your motivation is the key and it triggers you into action and allows following through when any obstacle appears.

Motivation is not easy to master; however, the benefits of getting it right may be amazing. The nature of motivation can be different: various things in different ways motivate every person. However, the main idea of motivation is like a common thread we follow to get success.

Do you remember how the heroes of the old comic fiction movie motivated an ant to take them home? A little cookie crumb hanging on a twig in front of the insect’s face did its job perfectly. Cool motivation, isn’t it?


It’s not so easy in business. However, creativity is a good helper Rolling on the Floor Laughing on EmojiOne 4.5

There is no need to apply an individualized motivation program for each team member. Motivation is personal, but the common approach may be found.

If you want to know more about how to motivate your team, it’s worth studying and practices the main types of motivation and some secrets that will help to make motivation programs effective and applicable. In this post, we share some practical tips about it.


Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Let’s look at the key types of motivators for empowering productivity and see what drives us actually.

We can outline some vivid examples that demonstrate the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.


What Is intrinsic motivation?

An intrinsic motivator comes from within a person from his/her own feelings and personal values and it can not be given by someone another.

This kind of motivation allows striving to achieve goals and gaining personal satisfaction. It’s about enjoying the process of doing the work and getting satisfaction. People are intrinsically motivated when they are more creative and curious enough.

What can be considered as intrinsic motivators? And what are the ways to support them? Here’re some examples:

  • Purpose is a strong intrinsic motivator for people, especially in business. While we can not give someone a purpose, we can help them to see it. You can find the real purpose in any industry from a global corporation to a small candy shop. Help your team members to understand the purpose in their work and you will see the bright eyes and the fire that propels them to do their best.
  • Growth is another obvious intrinsic motivator. If you help your colleagues grow and see their growth, you will get significant motivation.
  • Mastery is also can be mentioned here. Provide your team with new opportunities and support skill mastery. It will benefit you with having a more skilled team.


What about extrinsic motivation?

Extrinsic motivation comes from outside a person and means that there is something outside that motivates you. It’s something you can earn but cannot produce yourself. While this kind of motivation can come from another person, it can also be a reward that you desire to get.

  • Experience is a good example of motivation and can be unique to your team. Business trips are part of the work of many employees. People get to travel across the world, meet their colleagues and solve important problems together. This experience is the part of what motivates current team members to stay and newcomers to join particular companies.
  • Titles are also the extrinsic motivator companies can provide. This kind of extrinsic motivator gives the promise of a new that can also be connected with the intrinsic motivators, such as growth.
  • Pay is one of the most common and important incentives companies use nowadays to motivate their employees. Actually, it’s one of the simplest and impactful ways to motivate.

When both kinds of motivators are supported effectively, they work together to perform a great result.

Defining the intersection between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is the real key to motivating a large number of people.


Motivation for increasing productivity


There are other classifications of motivation and someone may systemize it using the following minor forms:

  • Motivation based on rewards that is used when you know that you will be awarded once a certain goal is achieved.
  • Motivation based on fear. This is accountability that plays a huge role in following through on goals.
  • Motivation based on power. It energizes people to seek more control through the use of positions in employment or companies.
  • Motivation based on achievement. We’he mentioned above titles and positions as areas of our lives that influence on motivation. They can be also referred to as achievement-based motivation.
  • Motivation based on affiliation. It’s about people who thrive when they connect with other people in higher power positions. Affiliation motivation helps greatly to achieve social goals and move up in the world.
  • Motivation based on competence that assists you to push forward and become more competent in a particular area. It’s rather helpful when you want to learn new skills and figure out ways around different life challenges.
  • Motivation based on attitude. Attitude and beliefs can become a problem on the way to the goal. Attitude-based motivation helps to recover and move forward properly.


To sum up

Motivation is a rather complicated and interesting subject and it’s worth to be studied and improved.

Keep in mind the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and try to apply them to your company’s reality. This will definitely improve your success rate.

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