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Stop Dabbling At Startups!

Stop Dabbling At Startups!

Stop dabbling at startups. Don’t dream about nice investors, next rounds, and how to sell yourself to anybody. Do think – day and night – how to make profit and do everything for that.

Before starting your business, remember:

  • The only aim of business is to earn money. Anything else is a fuss, a motley.
  • There are only four key points in business – first investments, breakeven, cost recovery and “my business makes profit.” Everything else is a grueling, hazardous run from Death Valley.
  • Being bright-eyed is not enough. You need to have balls of steel for sure and to be cool- headed. And bright-eyed, too!
  • Success in business is 10 percent estimation and 90 percent determination. Luck wouldn’t hurt but it doesn’t fit into this 100%.
  • The investor is risking the money but what are your risks (unless you are one of the investors)? Are you ready to quit your job and slave away for peanuts 120 hours a week? Are you ready to work without vacations for 3-5 years? Are you ready to sell your car, your apartment?
  • Any money – even investment – dries up, and if, up to that point, the business doesn’t make money, you’ll be starving to death. At least your business will, for sure, if not you.
  • Starting a new business is like looking death in the eye. It will be frightening and tough for you. Business is not a pleasant stroll toward investments; it’s hard work, sweat, blood and tears. There will be an abundance of all this stuff.

Stop dabbling at startups. Start building a business to earn money.

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