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Never Miss These 3 Things During Your Team Meetings

Never Miss These 3 Things During Your Team Meetings

It often happens that the higher your position in the organisation is, the more time you spend on meetings. Even though it may seem time-consuming but in reality, meetings are often underestimated as a great way to build culture.

The golden rule here is to treat people in the conference room the way you want them to treat each other in the hall. In this case, meetings serve as an opportunity to promote company values, empower others and build a stronger team.


Analyse what happens during your meetings that can convince an outsider that you value your relationships.


Use meetings to show your team members that you stick to company values and priorities. For example, if one of your company values is engagement, think how you can engage people during the meeting.


Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others. That’s why it’s important to lead meetings in a way that make others feel powerful. So next time you have a meeting, ask your team members 5 simple questions:

  • What behaviours led us to success?
  • What behaviours should we stop?
  • What behaviours make us better?
  • How will we know we’re improving?
  • How will we honour success?

Begin this exercise with “we” and then move to “I”. For example, “what behaviours led you to success?”, “What behaviours should you stop?”, etc.

It’s important to start with “we” as it makes people feel comfortable and powerful. But always make sure you include the “I” part as well to honour the contribution of every team members and find out what else can be done for their professional development and personal growth.

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