Feedback in Extreme Programming


Feedback in Extreme Programming

Feedback in Extreme Programming

If you are a software developer, you have definitely heard of Extreme Programming. This is a popular Agile method of software development that was designed especially for projects with extremely short terms of product delivery. Specialists define 12 practices in Extreme Programming. They are subdivided into four groups. One of these groups is called feedback, or fine-scale feedback. Let’s look at this group in greater detail in order to understand the methodology of Extreme Programming and to learn its main practices.

The feedback group in Extreme Programming includes four practices: pair programming, planning game, test-driven development, and whole team.

Pair programming is a practice that makes two developers work at one computer. That allows the XP team to save lots of time by achieving better productivity.

The planning game is a practice aimed at planning the activities on the project realization and the terms of final product delivery. It is actually a meeting of the team with the customer, where he sets the project goals.

Test-driven development is a practice focused on writing new tests to add them to the testing procedure and improve the product.

The whole team practice is aimed at involving the customer into the process of software development.

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