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12 Productive Hobbies That Can Benefit Your Team

12 Productive Hobbies That Can Benefit Your Team

It is hard to imagine a person who has no hobby or who is not passionate about something. Nowadays, in the era of high technologies and innovations, you may find many options for how to spend free time and rest from work.

It is great if a hobby brings not only pleasure but also positively influences the professional and personal aspects of a person.

Can your hobby affect business efficiency? Is there a hobby that can increase productivity and help in business? In this article, we share some insights on this.


Productive hobby benefits

Many people are used thinking about hobbies as just a frivolous waste of time. Often hobbies just entertain you when you feel bored at work, they are aimed to cheer up and optimize the emotional background.

However, hobbies can be extremely beneficial and bring real profits. With their help, you may increase the ability to cope with stress and overwhelm.

In any case, whether that means cooking exotic dishes, lifting a heavy barbell at the gym, carving knickknacks or something else entirely – an active hobby is a much better stress reliever than zoning out in front of the TV. Here we list 12 productive hobbies that can help you and your team perform better.


12 Productive Hobbies


1. Reading books

This is a classic way to both entertain yourself and acquire new knowledge and skills. What could be better? The most successful people in the world are avid readers.

Do not say it is trivial. A good book will always be useful and relevant! Reading reduces stress, strengthens brain activity, improves health, and boosts happiness.

For example, read the list of 15 Best Project Management Books for Beginners and PM Stars.


Best books


2. Writing stories

Here you may follow two ways:

  • Write about anything that has interest for you – from a play or movie script to a private diary. Writing is an excellent skill to entertain and receive usefulness.
  • As a professional, you can share your experience and knowledge with those who are just starting their professional activities and taking the first steps. Today you can find a lot of magazines and blogs that will happily post your expert material. For example, you can help young professionals by giving them tips on how to how to pass the project management professional exam.


3. Sports and physical activities

Do not forget to move your body as a physical exercise is a great thing to cheer up and work harder.

As more and more people spend so much time in front of screens – than it becomes even the more important hobby.

Grab some idea from our previous article 10 Effective Team Building Games Your Team Will Appreciate


4. Managing a personal website or a blog

If you do it in an appropriate way – it may be a great source for your future CV.

However, you should take control of your online presence and do not leave yourself open in embarrassing team building photos.


5. Volunteering

Be sure: you will never waste time if it’s spent helping someone else.

Use your free time to volunteer, assist at a shelter, or contribute to a charity. This act will be definitely something profoundly rewarding.


Productive hobbies, Hygger review


6. Video games

Someone may say that video games have only entertainment message. Playing video games may actually be beneficial for you, especially if you are playing with other people. Teamwork, provided in video games take your mind off of everyday stress.  


7. Gardening

Gardening elevates mood and distracts from sitting at a desk staring at a PC screen all day. It can be challenging and amazing to digging out weeds, potting flowers, or discovering the world of growing plants. Be sure: homegrown veggies are more tasteful than store bought.


8. Yoga

This hobby seems very productive, as it allows focusing on improving your physical condition and body. It also optimizes emotional and spiritual well-being.


9. Foreign languages

If you think that you will never need an additional language, then you are greatly mistaken. Your professional and personal life may bring you many surprises when you will not do without, for example, Italian or Spanish.

Many options, offline and online courses, and tools help make learning a new language a cinch.


10. Playing a musical instrument

Even musical pastime can actually make you smarter and give you a brain boost. This also influences on gotten better when it came to verbal memory, reading skills, and spatial-temporal skills.


11. Handicraft

It’s about any crafting sort from knitting and sewing to woodworking, metalworking and something else. Any of your talents regarding crafting is a great way to spend free time and get inspiration for work.

These kinds of hobbies often require planning skills and allow you to explore your creativity in different ways.


12. After all, make it Hygge!

This point is our favorite. It may include some of the listed hobbies. The main thing is that all your actions should be aimed at creating coziness, comfort, and entire harmony. It will calm down your emotional background and prepare you for a new level of productivity. Definitely!

How to hygge? Dive into the cozy Danish concept. Relaxing and enjoying the small things in life has never been more prevalent.

This kind of hobby may motivate you to fill your home with hygge. Revise your rooms’ design, add Scandinavian candles, scatter soft pillows, add texture everywhere, update your loungewear and, finally, learn how to bake homemade buns and brew delicious coffee.


PM software


Treat yourself and create a positive atmosphere. Perhaps, it’s a direct way to your next day’s productivity. And don’t forget to enjoy all the space around you – this is also an important part of the concept.

It is important not to be limited to creating only home comfort. Your workplace and daily lifestyle also need to be optimized. Are you sure that you successfully cope with routine and your daily tasks? What about prioritization? It ‘s never late to add some hygge to the daily routine and learn how to cope with tasks and plans easily.

Just look at this convenient planning system offered by Hygger.io:


Hygger roadmap


Each task has its beginning and end. You can schedule your business tasks and not be distracted by external affairs, knowing that you will not forget anything.


Product management with Hygger


Although productive hobbies can make you relax and enjoy the little things, they definitely expand your mind in many ways.

So don’t think about wasting time when you try to start a new hobby. Try to choose the hobby that will make you more productive and smarter in the long run.

What is your productive hobby? Can you add anything else to our list? We are sure that the possibilities are endless. So feel free to add and comment.

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