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Prioritize what to do next

Collect and organize ideas

Great ideas come from everywhere. So collect all your ideas, feature requests, bugs, technical debts, UX research, and customer feedback into our product management software so it will be on hand for every product decision.

Use scoring to define what really matters

Score features using RICE/ICE techniques or Weighted Scoring with your own criteria/scales.

Make better decisions, visually

You evaluate your tasks with Value and Efforts. Then we map them out into a chart so you can make more informed and objective decisions

Share your Roadmap

Lay out the high-level perspective of what will happen over time, by specifying major releases, projects, and initiatives. Share the roadmap with interested stakeholders or amongst team members.

Kanban and Scrum boards

Use Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban approaches to implement the features you’ve previously selected. Story points/hours estimation, WIP limits, Swimlanes, sub-columns will streamline the development process.

WIP Limits

Limit the number of tasks that are in progress right now and find bottlenecks in your processes.


Use swimlanes or horizontal columns for grouping tasks. For example, create «Blockers» swimlane for separating the most critical tasks from the rest.

Time tracking and estimations

Estimate tasks with hours or story points, log time spent on tasks and generate advanced reports for tracking team’s performance, billing or payroll.

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