5 Success Tips for Managing without Authority and Getting Work Done

Project Management

5 Success Tips for Managing without Authority and Getting Work Done

5 Success Tips for Managing without Authority and Getting Work Done

One of the biggest challenges project managers face is how to get people to do work without constantly having to chase them. In other words, how to manage without authority.

Have you ever been in the situation when people commit to doing a task but when the deadline arrives they still haven’t completed it? Do you feel that you constantly have to chase employees to get work done and it’s time-consuming and tiring? If you are facing this issue again and again, here are five simple tips that will become your recipe for project management success.

Tip 1: Follow an open door policy

Maintain an open door policy and create the environment of trust and support where employees can discuss project-related issues without the fear of being judged.

Remember that communication is a two-way street. If there are questions, respond to them promptly. Let employees know that you’re looking for their opinion and feedback. Listen to them and make sure the team members understand why the project is important to them and how they are important to the project.

Tip 2: Express gratitude

One of the deepest drivers for human beings is the feeling that their contribution matters and that they can make a real difference. Always express gratitude for the work well done – this can be an extra day-off, a written note of gratitude, public recognition – this is vital for both individual and team morale.

Tip 3: Define goals

Make sure that individual goals, as well as team goals, are clearly defined. Nothing is more demoralising that spending hours on something that will disappear into a black hole with no further mention or acknowledgement. And always thank the team members after receiving the requested deliverables.

Tip 4: Treat with respect

Treat team members with dignity and respect and they’ll respond to you. Relationships built on kindness and mutual respect are much more effective for building and maintaining a high-performing and happy team than the relationships built on fear and dominance.

Tip 5: Allow others to save face

Dealing with low motivation and performance issues rarely leads to “pleasant” conversations. But the key is to never attack, never use anger and never embarrass an employee in front of their colleagues or the senior management.

If there is an issue that you don’t feel like it has the result you want, then have a private face-to-face conversation with the person responsible for this piece of work to review and discuss their performance. Let the employee ‘save face’ and fix the problem.

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