Agile vs Traditional Methods


Battle: Agile vs. Traditional Methods

Battle: Agile vs. Traditional Methods

The competition between the traditional and the Agile software developing methods is one of the main issues of modern software development industry. Generally, this distinction between Agile and traditional methods is not final. Each of its items can be subdivided into several more approaches. Nevertheless, this is the most general division of software developing methods and it is hard to imagine the trends of modern software creating industry without understanding it. In this article we will tell you about the main features of traditional and Agile software development methods and make an analyze of their advantages and disadvantages.

 Let’s start with the description of the main features of traditional software development methods.

Generally, all the traditional methods of software development are based on the idea that the final result of work can be fully predicted. All the activities and structures of the traditional software developing teams are defined with this principle. The companies that use such a model of work usually are strict hierarchic structures. All of their activities are based on commands and their control. Such companies have special positions for employees who are responsible for data analysis, predictions, and generation of strategy. After a strategy for certain project was generated, the rest of the team members begin to implement it.

The companies that use traditional methods of software development are usually strict bureaucratic structures. All their communication with customers is based on official documents. As a result, such companies must have a large number of employees responsible for document management. These employees are not involved directly in the company’s activities. It means that the budget of such company must be significantly larger.

The involvement of customers in the process of software developing is minimal in the companies that use traditional methods. Usually the customers are involved in the process only at final stages to test the product.

Agile is an innovative method if compared to traditional software development. It is quite different, first of all, because of the structure of the companies as well as the customer involvement into the software development process. Agile way of work organization is more competitive than the traditional project management.

Agile vs. traditional planning

An Agile company usually has no strict structure on the lower and medium level. It also has no business analysts. The Agile methods of software development are based on flexibility and constant communication with the customer, so there are no strict plans of work. The work can be planned by the team during the sprint periods that last from 2 to 4 weeks.

Agile vs. traditional project management

Agile methods do not require strict structure so there are no project managers in Agile companies. The projects are usually managed by the team of developers and the results are controlled by the customer at all stages of work.

Agile vs. traditional testing

Unlike traditional software development companies, the companies that use Agile methods conduct the testing process at all stages of their projects. The customers and final users are constantly involved into the process of testing. The members of the developing teams gather the data of such tests and conduct the work on improving the characteristics of their software.

Agile vs. traditional software development

The conclusion is that Agile methods of software development are much more flexible, and so they have a great number of competitive advantages if compared to the traditional methods of software creation.

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