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Agile Manifesto: Timeless or Out of Date?

Agile Manifesto: Timeless or Out of Date?

The Agile Manifesto emerged in 2001 and changed the way we look at software development. At that time the development process was broken – it was too slow, too expensive and often delivered faulty products.

The Agile Manifesto was introduced to solve these problems. It was published by 17 software developers, saying that by “uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it,” they have come to value “individuals and interactions over processes and tools, working software over comprehensive documentation, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and responding to change over following a plan”.

But what about today? Does the Agile Manifesto still matter? Let’s have a look in what ways the Agile Manifesto is still timeless and in what ways it’s out of date.

Software development is more complex today

When the Agile Manifesto appeared in 2001, software development was already complicated. But at that time mobile apps and social media didn’t play such a significant role. And the volumes of software development that we have now have dramatically outpaced that of 2001.

The problem is that one of the core values of the Manifesto is responding to change over following a plan (which seems like we’re trying to move away from planning). But in today’s situation, planning software projects is a necessity and it can’t be ignored because business requires budget planning and a roadmap for customers.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority

What the Agile Manifesto says about customers is extremely relevant today. “Customer collaboration over contract negotiation” is one of the Manifesto’s core values. And “our highest priority is to satisfy the customer” is first among its 12 principles.

The Manifesto’s authors were able to predict how powerful customers would become in several years from then. Today they post on social media and other websites, complain and praise – and all these comments are about a product/service/etc.

Already in 2001, the Agile Manifesto underlined the importance of customer collaboration. And thanks to social media, businesses have got the opportunity to receive and analyse feedback to deliver better products.

Collaboration with stakeholders is a must

Another thing that the Agile manifesto got right back in 2001 is cooperation with business stakeholder: “Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.”

There is no doubt that a successful involvement of stakeholders is crucial for software development. Constant communication is a must – face to face as well as via communication devices. It’s not an easy thing as it requires much time and efforts. But as long as the quality of a product is at stake, it’s definitely worth it.

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