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Apply sales management software to track your leads and optimize the whole sales process

Sales management software is aimed to track all sales deals, manage contacts, and reduce time spent on administration issues.

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Effective sales management with Hygger

How to improve sales processes with the help of powerful software?

What is sales management software?

Sales management focuses on interacting with prospects and clients. It is aimed to establish sales processes, find new opportunities, forecast revenue, and analyze team performance. Sales management system assist to clear tedious tasks from schedules and allows focusing on the activities that drive sales. is a powerful management tool that proposes smart functionality and solutions for sales management. Manage your sales team and all the processes with efficient sales management software: from planning training to pipeline management. All in one place.

Sales operations

Onboarding plan

Sales management tools help to reduce the onboarding time of new sales representatives.

Create and adopt a comprehensive onboarding plan for new employees. It will reduce training time, increase training efficiency and maximize sales success in the result.

All sales collateral materials in one place

Combine all sales collateral stuff in one easily-accessible knowledge base for your team. With its help, you will avoid the hours of searching for appropriate content to share with potential prospects and clients. The quick access to content will allow to manage and track more leads simultaneously.

Sales strategy and easy-to-build sales knowledge base

To create your sales strategy, start with the knowledge base. First, organize all critical topics as groups (legal, security, training, rivals, etc.) Then add all sub-documentation related to each topic. Create collaborative groups to let your team share knowledge with each other. And do not forget to update data when anything new is added. All this will definitely prepare your team to start selling.

Clear collaboration

Successful sales also include building solid connections with other departments across the company. It is important to be up-to-date on new features developers are releasing, relevant campaigns marketers are running, and so on. Having effective channels to communicate and receiving timely feedback allows product teams to improve the offering.

Hygger is able to satisfy this requirement, allowing collaborate within the team.

Assigning meetings

Face to face meetings are crucial for ensuring each sales reps will continuously improve.

Sales analysis and tracking sales

Visually sales are represented as the processes divided into various stages. An organized sales pipeline helps managers to be updated on what the team is working on. Use management software functionality to analyze your sales results without extra efforts and costs.

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