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Apply requirements management software to clarify all your project requirements and processes

With the help of requirements management, all members of a team understand what is being built and why

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Requirements management may seem a complex concept; however, it is quite a simple theme at its core

The main idea of requirements management

Requirements management is the concept that consists of the processes of gathering, analyzing and prioritizing product requirements. The main idea of requirements management is to ensure that a company meets all the needs of its stakeholders and clients.

It involves communication between the team and stakeholders and adjustment to requirements changes throughout the project course.

What are requirements?

A requirement is a clearly determined capability to which the results of specific work should meet. Stakeholders can generate requirements throughout the whole lifecycle of a product. provides teams with the functionality to improve requirements management and clarify and manage all their business processes in one place.

Requirements management: collaboration and buy-in aspects

Creating good requirements directly depends on team collaboration. Any collaborative team works to make sure every member has a stake in the project and provides feedback.

For stakeholders, it is not an easy thing to get agree on requirements, especially for large projects. It’s critical to have team buy-in so the development process can move forward. Buy-in allows teams to make the right decisions and do what they necessary to move forward.

Requirements management: traceability and change management aspect

Requirements management tools link all requirements and provide end-to-end traceability.  The statement that requirements remain unchanged is wrong. Even the most rigid projects may change more than anyone would like.

Hygger assists to track all of the changes made to a requirement. You are able to view the history of all the changes made to an artifact at any time.

Requirements management: quality assurance

Dealing with requirements means better quality and higher customer satisfaction as well as faster development.

Integrating requirements management into the company’s quality assurance processes, you will increase team efficiency and eliminate rework.

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