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Release Management

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Release Management

Make your release successful with a powerful release management tool!

What is release management?

A product release is the launch of a new product or new product features. It’s a promise of new value for customers. For a team, release helps to plan the work of every team member.

Product releases should contain all additional work that must be accomplished, including the training of the customer support team and updating the official site.

What are the benefits of release management?

Release management is an important component of the entire product lifecycle. The key goal of the process is to create, test and deliver the capabilities that will accomplish all requirements and deliver the intended objectives.

The release provides your clients with a vision into the journey they will be taking with your product. The best way to visualize all the release details is to use project management software with appropriate features.

Release management contains the following stages:

Release policy

Release policy defining is the basic stage when companies identify the end goals, key principles and the scope concerning adopting the release management processes.

This stage is the best period to choose the most suitable release tracker with powerful features appropriate for all team members and stakeholders.

Release planning

Release plans are designed and approved by senior management. These plans can be tailored by teams as per their specific requirements.

Plan your product releases in one place with! A qualitative roadmap will help to make all planning phases and scheduling easy and convenient.

Build and configure release

During this stage of release management, the code is built with the help of build tools, then tested internally and delivered in target environments.

Quality review

This stage is intended to assess the quality of the release by the QA team. Testers check that the release meets minimum acceptable standards and all the requirements.

Release accepted

After the quality assessment, the functional team validates the results and the release is approved for deployment in production (in case everything is good). If there are bugs, they will be rejected and sent back to the development team for review and fixing.

All these steps can be easily made with the help of Hygger functionality: powerful Kanban boards will assist.

Implement and verify the release

The final stages are release implementation and verifying.

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