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Project Tracking

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Project Tracking

Project teams require working together dynamically and focusing on what really matters. They need a smart tool to track project processes and increase business results.

How to empower your team with the help of project tracking software?

Tracking a project begins early with planning and goes on until its completion. This process helps managers to monitor how the projects are progressing and identify potential problems to take corrective actions.

Project tracking software is designed to help project teams to recognize all of the tasks that are required to complete projects on time. It’s better to apply tracking tools during the project planning stage to control and manage the allocated resources.

Hygger provides a full set of automated monitoring and evaluation system for your projects. As a high-quality project tracking system, the platform provides automated features for planning management across different groups of activities. As any project tracking software, it also helps you keep your projects within budget.

Project overview

Thanks to the project tracking system, all project information can be displayed according to the needs of the users. You will get a total project overview whenever you want, for example, during a meeting.

Activity and time recording

Recall any project activity whenever you want. Using Hygger Kanban boards, you may produce a complete activity history for each project.

Project planning and scheduling

Project tracking software typically proposes to use planning and scheduling tools. With their help, you may create tasks and subtasks, attach resources, set reminders, and assign responsibilities. All the members of your project and see dates and milestones in their personal task lists.

Using Hygger planning system, you are able to schedule your projects and work on them in the same place.

Clear visualization, team collaboration

Visualization with charts

Powerfully structured charts provide a visual representation of your project tasks status. You get a complete summary of uploaded files and user details.

Team collaboration

Hygger assists to empower your team collaboration and create transparency. The more your team members know, the better they can work as a team.

A fully searchable place allows keeping all project files and communication together. Everyone can add own columns and create the process needed to take projects from start to finish.

With the tracking platform, you provide your team with the opportunity to enjoy working together.

Tracking milestones

The milestones allow teams to understand what tasks will lead them in the right direction.

Project tracking tools assist project managers in setting milestones to help their team perform at peak productivity.

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