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Project Planning

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Project Planning

Project planning and management software are designed to help project managers and their teams to plan and schedule projects, track tasks’ progress and collaborate online.

Self-organization and scheduled work

Project planning software ensures self-organized and transparent project structures.

What are the benefits of project planning tools?

Clear accountability

Hygger as a powerful project planning tool empowers teams to know what’s getting done. The platform assists to increase agility, speed, and accountability.

Strategic planning

Experienced project managers always stick to a process of project planning before any work begins. Completing tasks as soon as possible without planning ahead is a real mistake.

Find the time to prepare a simple or a detailed plan using a smart roadmap. Define your goals and break them down into smaller tasks that need to be taken care of. is a powerful project planning tool for your whole company. It helps to make project requirements visible within your company and lets your team members self-organize their work through collaborative planning features.

Attractive dashboards

Keep stakeholders informed and collect all necessary project information in one place. You may always get the quick view that provides critical data in real time to make your better decisions.

Team management

Hygger allows distinct assigning tasks to your team members by availability and workload. You can create project roles by defining needed competencies and finding appropriate team members in seconds.

Skill management and tracking changes

Your employees’ skills are your main resource.  

Use their competency profiles as the basis for the decisions regarding project planning.

In Hygger you can easily see in one place what changes were made, and when those activities occurred.

You can quickly find what you’re looking for by filtering options.

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