Project management tool for creative teams

Impressive project management timeline software for creative teams

Need a powerful project management timeline tool to follow up on your projects anywhere and anytime?

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Be organized and run amazing projects with a smart project management solution

Hygger will empower your team to control all stages of your projects and make better business decisions

Great project management functionality in one place

A project timeline tool helps to document, monitor and control your projects workflows from the very beginning to the final in real time.

Online timeline software empowers all members of the team and provides great functionality to get all things done. is exactly what you are looking for!

Visual planning with stunning Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are aimed to track tasks across time. Creating effective timelines and Gantt charts have never been an easy thing. Hygger offers a powerful and easy-to-use project timeline tool and app that makes creating good-looking timelines and Gantt charts painless in a matter of minutes. 

Apply smart Gantt charts to visualize the phases, tasks, milestones, and resources needed as part of your project.

Powerful prioritization tool

Managing projects also means balancing priorities on urgent and important tasks, and understanding when to draw the line.

Prioritizing project work and steps can be a challenge for project teams across many industries. Ignoring prioritization can lay havoc to your projects and initiatives, and even decrease team morale and productivity. Hygger proposes effective prioritization frameworks that will help you take action with confidence and select your best opportunities.

Tracking system

Improve project management and team communication with clear, convincing task tracking system. You are able to manage multiple projects and monitor all their steps, overview progress, statuses and tasks effectiveness.

In Hygger, you will get flexible views for users and management teams as well as a convenient reporting

Real-time dashboards

A cozy customizable project dashboard keeps you updated whether your projects and your team are on track.

This dashboard is always up-to-date with the latest business intelligence from your team members. Hygger dashboards allow you to see instantly how your team, their tasks, and projects are progressing.

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