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Program management

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Program management

How program management software optimizes and simplifies work

Program management software

Managers often think that they spend too much time organizing their projects. Program management tools are designed to solve this problem.

Program management is the process of managing several related projects. Often, it can be related to business transformation, change management and systems engineering.

Program management focuses on choosing the best group of projects, determining them according to their objectives and providing an environment where projects can exist successfully.

The main goal of program managers is to control the status of projects in a program. They are responsible for providing a decision-making capacity that can not be achieved at the project level or providing a project manager with a program perspective if required.

Program management software will help you to keep your projects track and organize every step of work. Try Hygger functionality to increase visibility and simplify feedback.

Key aspects of program management. Governance and Alignment


Governance means defining the program roles and responsibilities, all the processes and metrics to assess its progress. All these factors are needed to control operations and changes to performance objectives.


This aspect of program management means that any program must support a higher level of vision, goals, and objectives.

Key aspects of program management. Assurance and Management


This aspect is about verifying and validating the program. Program managers ensure adherence to standards and alignment with the vision.


You need to plan each project and the overall program and ensure regular reviews and engaging all stakeholders. For these aims you will definitely need a powerful planning and scheduling system, such as

Key aspects of program management. Integration and Financial management


All the component parts should fit together to make the intended whole. Optimizing performance across the program is about integration.

Financial management

Managing costs need to be constantly tracked and be put in one place. Using program management software, you may simplify tracking costs of the program.

Key aspects of program management. Infrastructure and Planning


As a program manager, you need to allocate resources of the program.

Infrastructure is about creating the right work environment to support the program.


Planning aspect is one of the most important in program management. Develop a smart plan bringing together tall the data about projects, resources, timescales, etc.

Hygger roadmap for programs will help you to visualize everything and get things done.

Key aspects of program management. Improvement

The final aspect of program management is closely connected with assessing the performance of the program.

Assess performance, develop new capabilities and apply learning and knowledge to the program using convenient Hygger functionality.

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