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A product vision reflects the core essence of a product. It clearly states the overall direction for the product is headed.

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The importance of product vision

Creating a strategic product vision depends on the clear understanding of your end users. If a particular feature does not help your product achieve its vision, the value of this feature should be decreased.

Strong product vision components

A product vision must be creative and inspirational. Be sure it communicates the spirit of your future product and is clear to the team. An effective vision appeals to emotions and intellect, it motivates and inspires. Preparing the vision, you should make it stable and clear, engaging and short.

Any product vision describes an engaging product goal that guides the development effort. This goal should engage and inspire people and generate buy-in. Brevity and conciseness are also the qualities of a good product vision. It should include only critical information that is important for product success.

Write your product vision

Writing an appropriate vision using the product vision software will ensure the way from your brilliant idea to a product launch.

Visualize it with the help of a smart roadmap — the high-level steps that meet the product strategy requirements that in turn is fulfilling the company vision. Hygger proposes a beautiful roadmap to do it quickly and easily.

Share your product vision

Sharing the product vision is the obvious responsibility of a product manager. Sharing the vision will help team members and the stakeholders to understand what would be valuable for the product. With its help, product users will understand why they should use the product you propose.

Build your vision iteratively

It’s not easy to develop a successful product vision at once. To develop this complex process, managers should closely collaborate with stakeholders, Scrum team, clients and users. It’s better to take some iterations first to improve the product vision.

Focus on value

Value for your customers should be more preferable than technology. Try to develop your product vision not too technical and pay more attention to the business value. The efficient vision is inviting, inspiring and motivating. Hygger functionality will assist to make it easy.

Validate the vision/ Prioritize it like a Pro

Applying product vision software requires permanent collaboration with the stakeholders, your Scrum team clients, and users. All of them have valuable insights to share. They can help to make your product vision more ambitious and clear. Apply these insights and their experience to create and validate your vision.

Prioritize like a pro

Do not forget to prioritize all the stages and parts of your product vision. Visualize prioritization and score with the help of Hygger frameworks.

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