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Product Planning

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Product Planning

How to improve product planning with the help of powerful software?

The process of product planning

Product planning is the process of creating a product according to a detailed plan. It is about identifying and formulation market requirements to determine product features.

Product planning is not a simple task that can be performed in one day. The process of product planning should include many factors, such as deadlines, financial aspects, the analysis of competitors, target demographics, and many more. It requires a lot of attention of product managers who have special skills and a professional mindset.

Product planning implicates managing these factors throughout their life with the help of different marketing strategies, improvements, price changes, and promotion campaigns. That’s why it’s important to visualize all your plans and schedules in one place. Product planning software helps to do it without extra efforts.

Typically, product planning includes the main stages: product concept developing, studying the market, market research, product introduction, and product lifecycle.

Product concept developing

The first step in product planning is developing the product concept. During this stage, you create initial ideas for new products by identifying problems that potential customers face. Product concept also includes planning the dimensions and features of a new product.

You may use friendly Hygger Kanban boards and cards to gather all your ideas and new features and to not lose the details.

Studying the market

Planning your product, you also need to understand what the market conditions look like, what are the needs of your potential clients and what are the competitors’ current plans. Keep all your observations and ideas in cards, and collaborate with your colleagues easily.

Market research stage

The next step is market research and it is not an easy task. Market research means applying various methods and practices that can be used while the development of the product. It should include an analysis of products that are indirect competitors products manufactured.

Product introduction stage

After all research, data collection and analysis, it’s time to introduce your product. If everything is ok, you may keep working on it or expand it further.

It’s about running advertisements and sales promotions, tracking sales results to determine the products potential success.

Product lifecycle

Product lifecycle consists of 4 steps: introduction stage, growth stage, maturity stage, and decline stage. These steps make it easier to implement changes and help to monitor product’s life.

Plan and develop your products safely, measure possible threats and risks and visualize planning with!

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