What are personal task management software benefits?

Capture, organize and execute your personal life with professional task management software

How do personal project management tools help to get all things done?

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Use all professional benefits of impressive personal task management software

Hygger offers great functionality to manage all your personal issues

Personal to-do lists are created and managed variously. You are able to streamline all those lists using personal task management software.

Having everything in one place is the decision for real professionals. If your to-do lists are incorporated into your everyday work then a personal task management tool will create a seamless, easy and more efficient way to stay on top of all your tasks.


Having everything in one place means that you can combine different tasks you’ve assigned to your team and notify any team member any time.

You are able to send your team members invites, give them access (full or partial) to the software and assign them tasks or send reports.

It’s all there, in Hygger, moved as easily as a keystroke.


Personal tasks also have to be prioritized. Defining what is urgent and what is most important, you’ll be able to manage all the stages of your project correctly.

Hygger allows performing prioritization professionally, using powerful frameworks and scoring systems: a simple 2×2 matrix, Value vs Effort, Value vs Complexity system, ICA and RICE score models and the advanced Weighted scoring technique.

Calendar system

One of the most essential features of any personal task manager is providing clear dates and calendar system. Organize your goals and plan your project activities using a simple calendar system.

In Hygger, you may share your project timeline with all team members and stakeholders whenever you want.

Integration ability

A personal to-do list system that can be integrated into your software, can help you to prepare for any temporary disruptions and act accordingly. Your team will have access to online software anywhere and at any time.

Mobile app

Modern personal task management software allows you to manage your projects intuitively, without leaving your creative flow in your mobile phones.

Instead of distracting you from your work, the Hygger app will help you focus on getting things done and saving you time.

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