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Keep your marketing agency focused on important things that lead to winning results.

Set goals and visualize them on a timeline

Define your SMART goals, that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based. Visualize them into beautiful timelines, that would impress your company headquarters and clients, and motivate your teammates. It is important for everyone to see where you are going and when you will reach the destination.

Collect ideas and hypotheses to reach your goals

You probably have plenty of ideas and hypotheses that you could do with your marketing. Gather all of them from your team, stakeholders, and clients in one place. Make sure that all the ideas are aimed at your business goals.

Prioritize ideas to pick the best ones for growth.

One of the biggest challenges of marketing professionals – is the ability to properly prioritize and balance tasks that will get the winning results in the shortest time possible. And it is like easy peasy to deal with it when you work in Hygger.

You can use ICE or RICE prioritization techniques and score your ideas by Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort components. Or you can simply use Value/Effort prioritization matrix, that will also help you to choose the most powerful thoughts.

Manage your marketing campaigns with Kanban

Sort your tasks in Kanban boards. You can save your time and use a marketing template, that includes Ideas, To Do, To do this week, In Progress, Monitoring and Done columns. Anyway, you can customize your own columns the way you want. And you can also organize tasks by using swimlanes and labels in order to avoid chaos in a large number of tasks.

Set deadlines and WIP Limits

Assign the tasks and schedule the deadlines, so everyone will be aware of their responsibilities and expected deliverables. You can also set the WIP (Work In Progress) limits, to narrow the number of tasks, and keep the focus of the team on the most important things. The number of tasks could be limited to 1.5 x the number of people of the team, or a sum of people involved + 1, or as you want.

Keep a pulse on all marketing activities

With Hygger you will always know what are your marketing projects, where they need to be, and what’s to expect from your team.

Make collaboration easy

Hygger – is a centralized communication tool to keep all the details, discussions and files, and reference to them at any time. Your teammates will be notified of comments and @mentions in real-time, that will definitely save time and efforts. Provide transparency for the whole marketing department, have fewer meetings and endless chat-talks.

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Hygger helps you to keep Backlog well organized and spot the priorities at a glance.

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