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Record, track and resolve issues throughout development processes

Issue tracking software is a system that allows recording and following the progress of every customer "issue" until the problem is resolved.

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Effective issue tracking with that makes customer service easy for everyone involved

Any issue tracking cycle begins when your clients tell about questions, issues or bugs, and ends when they leave feedback on the support they received. Manage these cycles with a great online solution!

What is Issue tracking?

Issue tracking is aimed to track and record all kinds of error feedback or complaints in a system. Ticket tracking software provides teams with the complete detail report of complaints or bugs, not in coding form that helps everyone to understand the complete issue easily and resolved it quickly. Hygger gives your team a clear view of all items in the backlog.

Issue tracking goals

The process of issue and bugs tracking may differ from project to project or team to team. Typically, testing includes the following components:

  • Capturing
  • Recording
  • Accountability
  • Resolving
  • Reviewing

The good news about the issue tracking tool is that it does not require any formal training and any non-tech specialist can also use it easily.


It’s rather difficult to maintain conversations about each issues or bug on a single shared spreadsheet. This lack of communication is greatly compensated by a powerful issue tracking system.

Assigning and prioritizing

It’s quite important to rank and prioritize issues and bugs after they were captured. It’s based on their importance and urgency.

You may assign issues with just a few keystrokes from a ticket. Prioritization process is also very simple. With the help of a smart tracking tool,  you’ll be able to keep everyone on the same page and ensure your team is working on the highest priority items first.

Maintaining a history

Assign an urgency value to an issue, based on its overall importance. Low urgency issues should be resolved as time permits.

Each issue maintains a history of each change.


Do not forget about convenient reminders. The smart issue tracking tool will help teams to get the job done and to not increase overhead in doing so. This is why Hygger is one of the best tools for tracking issues and making communication easier for everyone in a team.

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