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Inventory Management

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Inventory Management

How to empower business processes with the help of inventory management software?

What is an inventory management system?

An inventory management/control system is a tool that encompasses all aspects of managing a company’s inventories (purchasing, tracking, shipping, receiving, warehousing, storage, and turnover). There can be separate subsystems; however, it is rather critical for these functions to be performed in sequence.

Inventory involved the company’s stock of products for sale and all the materials that make up the product. With the help of inventory control systems, you are able to integrate different functional subsystems into a single cohesive system. offers its functionality to make it easy.

Manual inventory management

Using inventory management service, you can optimize inventory audits and cycle counts, manage accurate stock counts, avoid time-consuming manual entry of items and reduce errors.

You may use real-time reports that allow compiling and analyzing essential data.

Inventory accuracy

Inventory management services let you easily prepare pick orders requisitions for inventory items. It ensures the right product and order, the right customer. You may consolidate purchased items and services on a single pick order and pass them to inventory pickers to ensure order accuracy.

Hygger may be used as an inventory management software and put more efficient picking processes. It will help you to eliminate the time spent finding errors when back at a packing station.

Indicators of timeliness

Do not forget that timely delivery is the key to a happy client.

The inventory management tool helps you to deal with the on-time shipment. When the orders are completed and ready for pickup on time, they are on-time ready to ship.

Employee metrics

Every manager cares about how productive his/her workforce is. Optimized resources utilization is critical to boosting performance. Improve your workers’ productivity with the help of inventory management software!

Reducing labor costs instantly improves profitability and cost efficiency. Hygger will help to determine who should act specific tasks to optimize labor and task efficiency.

Inventory turnover

Inventory turnover is about how quickly you go through inventory. The drawback of slow inventory is: the longer a company holds onto inventory, the more likely it will become outdated or will be damaged.

Good inventory turnover is about a healthy and efficient supply chain. You do not need as much storage space or equipment, that decreases the average holding cost and increases profits.

Inventory software examples of use

There are various spheres where you can use inventory software:

  • To manage the warehouse
  • To manage a stock room
  • For retail inventory
  • For the managing manufacturing process
  • For consumables tracking needs
  • For lot and date code tracking

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