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How to empower your team with the help of Hygger?

Nowadays high-skilled teams require working together dynamically and focusing on what really matters. They need a smart tool to optimize processes and increase business results.

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Everyone needs to manage personal tasks. It's a good idea to rely not only on personal resources and efforts but on a quality task manager tool.

Powerful daily task list software brings the consistency and harmony into the workflow and allows professionals to stay productive.

Planning, execution, prioritization

All in the same place!

Hygger.io does not let your tasks overwhelm your daily work. With its help, you can effectively run through your daily to-do lists and set priorities to be focused only on the things that matter.

In order to plan your team’s time effectively, add the tasks that your team members can realistically get done. Powerful prioritization frameworks are aimed to do it correctly without extra efforts.

Time management solution

If you are desperately looking for employee time tracking software, a daily task planner will also assist.

You may set working processes duration, make clock-in and clock out mandatory, track team members activities.

Hygger will make it easy to manage team workload planning and conduct timesheet reporting.

Team collaboration

Any qualitative work task list should provide team members with the opportunity to collaborate easily. It should look like a social intranet inside your company.

Working with powerful Kanban boards in Hygger allows getting instant messaging and secure file sharing for team members. You may also share files and collaborate outside your company. Use mentions, tags, and comments to make your daily tasks easier.

Quick entry

A capable daily task tracker is not a complex system with painstaking processes. Everything is easy and clear.

Hygger saves you hours of extra work and burden.

Simple and clear UI

Bright and user-friendly interface with clear options will help to quickly recognize your team’s achievements and build a culture of success.

Integration with other tools

The ability to integrate an employee task list with other tools is no longer a dream. If your dev team works in Jira, it wouldn’t be a problem. Hygger supports integration with this tool and you may push your features to Jira easily. You can also keep track of tasks status in Jira while being in Hygger.

Enjoyable managing teams

As daily planning with Hygger can help you save time and focus on your most critical goals, it will make your management processes convenient and enjoyable for your entire team.

With Hygger you’ll win the challenges you care about!

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