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Create transparency around the project statuses, empowering interdepartmental teamwork

How to improve all processes and workflows between team members and leave miscommunication behind?

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Effective cross-departmental communication with Hygger

Struggle with interdepartmental collaboration challenges and make all processes smooth and transparent.

Well-set cross-functional collaboration may unlock some of the best work opportunities, uncover team insights, and make the project outcomes exceptional.

Start advanced collaborating with your teammates using convenient and powerful tools.

Hygger solution for everyone

Interdepartment communication is when people from different teams or functions within a company join their forces to work on a common project, common goals and responsibilities.

It can include anything: marketing on social media, customer support,  one-off projects, developing a new product feature, and so on. Hygger functionality is aimed to satisfy the needs of any team.

Using Hygger, you will increase cross-functional collaboration by:

  • Creating virtual coherence between departments to keep all projects on the move
  • Structuring all the project stages
  • Improving project-related communication between departments
  • Allowing departments to plan their time
  • Eliminating extra emails and painful phone calls
  • Knowing where every project is
  • Avoiding last minute surprises

Improve entire workload balance and management

Share a summary of your upcoming work to the entire company regularly and let others easily discover this information. Update statuses to give all people involved in a project quick necessary info on progress and upcoming work.

You may easily add links to relevant tasks and invite team members to join your project if they can contribute.

Visualize timelines with the estimated time commitment

Estimate how long the project will take with al its steps and milestones. Outline the role of involved team members and estimated time commitment. Assign specific tasks within your project to individual teammates. After assigning all tasks, your co-workers will have a clear understanding of what they need to do, by when, and how long it will take.

Use convenient boards

You may easily share upcoming work details within and outside your department, using Hygger boards.

They help to avoid not knowing what your co-workers are doing creates a barrier to cross-team collaboration

The boards will help you to reflect all your development processes using Columns and Swimlanes. You can limit the amount of work in progress and identify inefficiency in your team’s workflow, categorize tasks with Labels, estimate tasks and track time and much more.

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