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Construction Management

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Construction Management

Construction management requires the same management tools as common-aimed project management with the widely used set of features: a roadmap, task lists, timelines, dashboards, timesheets and many more. How to empower construction management with the help of Hygger?

The power of construction management software

Hygger.io can be easily used for construction projects’ aims and objectives as it proposes a full set of features to plan, schedule, track and execute any construction project. Project managers find it easy to use and affordable as it can be accessed from the field or the back office.

Besides, in Hygger.io you’ll find awesome prioritization frameworks that will help to score tasks and features in any construction project.

Easy to use and affordable

There are several ways to plan, create, and manage construction projects; however, using simple boards and cards is a good solution.

Visualize the entire project and share tasks with your team members and stakeholders. It’s easy and clear with Hygger: from planning and initiation your construction projects to their completion and closeout.

Team management option

Manage team communication in one place! Create cozy roadmaps, resource calendars, track employee hours, and strategic schedules. Manage overages with Hygger workload tracking tools.

Team collaboration features such as Kanban-like boards and task comments help to keep everyone on the same page throughout construction projects.

Planning and scheduling

There is no need to purchase a special complicated construction scheduling software. If you need construction project management software that responds quickly and allows to plan and schedule like a pro, try Hygger.io functionality. With its help, you will be able to focus on the tasks instead of updating outdated and slow project planning tool.

Hygger allows creating job schedules in minutes and beginning using a smart roadmap immediately. Create construction plans, assign tasks, track milestones and progress against your project plan and share roadmaps with your team members.

Control costs and resources

If you need to track personnel and equipment costs, you may also use a construction management functionality to do it easily.  

Get real-time info about the costs with easy-to-read dashboard charts. Manage costs, resource availability, and allocation in real-time.

Online timesheets and file storage

Online timesheets

Construction project management software allows you to update hours on site.

Your team members and subcontractors can update their hours from anywhere with online timesheets and mobile task updates. With Hygger, it’s easy to review, import, and send work hours to managers.

File storage

There is no need to use any additional storage for your data. A construction project management software allows storing project files in one place.

Use convenient file storage to store building plans, images, invoices and many more. You may attach files to any task and track updates to construction docs.


In construction, it’s also important to collect all workloads across all the projects for all employees and track the hours spent on tasks and projects. Hygger Timesheet report is very good at this task.

You may share your report online with team members and stakeholders.

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