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Plan and track all client management processess in one place

Client management systems assist in getting complete details about customers. Make better decisions and close more deals with the help of powerful client organization software.

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Client Management with Hygger

A client manager as a tool helps to provide your clients with real-time progress and to work together on projects.

Software for client management

Hygger offers a great opportunity to build trust and optimize client management communication. The features of client management will make your life and work easier.

Advanced organization of client data is about better access to customer information in real time. CRM tools help business members to get immediate access to client profiles in real time from anywhere.

Contact management software for the entire team

  • Create and manage a beautiful and clear roadmap that will assist you to reduce miscommunication
  • Share project progress with the clients. It will increase their trust
  • Eliminate endless phone calls and emails from your customers
  • Do no limit the number of clients you can work with

Sharable roadmaps, smart calendars and reminders

Define and structure high-quality roadmaps where you may reflect everything you are doing. It is easy to share it together with your plans and tasks. Doing this, you avoid situations when your client adds another task every time when the previous one is completed.

Plan your business with smart calendars and use reminders that will allow you to always stay up to date and not forget the most important events and issues.

All communication in one place

Save and manage all communication and required files in one place, using convenient boards and cards. Customer management software helps to avoid extra emails and unnecessary phone calls.

You may easily use Work in progress limits option (WIP limits) if you need to limit the number of current tasks.

Task management

Create and track everyday tasks from start to finish. Arrange them by priority, assign tasks to team members and set deadlines to ensure everything happens on time.

Hygger allows teams to manage their days productively and work together effectively, proposing a colorful and engaging approach to task management.

Workflow and approvals

Hygger is more than a shared project board with your clients. The powerful client management software allows managing all kinds of clients in one place and keeping workflows and all approvals in order.

This is a great opportunity for your customers as they can update statuses themselves, add comments and share their opinions and attitude. If you need to change plans, your clients and team members will be immediately in the loop. This is about transparency that always leads to the best results.

Mobile access

Use your mobile devices to get access to your client management issues and particular tasks wherever you are.

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