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Nowadays high-skilled teams require working together dynamically and focusing on what really matters. They need a smart tool to optimize processes and increase business results.

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Churches as the other religious organizations require a church leader and a distinct management system.

Simple tasks have become more complex and the automation of processes became the norm for modern religious groups. That's why the development of church management software has become relevant.

Common administrative tasks

The automated church attendance software is used for common management, administrative or reporting tasks. It streamlines daily church processes, optimizes collaboration and facilitates communication. as a comprehensive and standalone platform is proved to be beneficial to any church.

It can be used for managing religious events, mailings, fundraising, and report generation. The platform is helpful in facilitating cost reduction and tracking congregation growth.

Track and manage resources

The feature-rich systems like Hygger help to streamline daily processes, track and manage resources and support collaboration.

Many important tasks and issues such as contribution tracking, online giving, congregation access, attendance tracking, budgeting, and accounting, etc. can be solved with the help of church management system. Hygger Kanban-like boards allow doing it quickly and easily.

Tool for communication

Churches try to reach people and always communicate the right message at the right time. However, many meaningful messages get lost and are reduced to noise because people are always busy.

Church administration software allows groups to connect and communicate anytime outside of the church walls and care for one another.

Hygger is a secure tool that assists to automate the standard stuff and fit your needs, keep communication personal with messages that are meaningful to everyone, reach people wherever they are, target messages, and foster growth in groups and in your church.

Create a proactive development plan

Churches also need plans and schedules. A powerful management system will keep your planning clear and help to make things in order, including managing contacts, providing reporting, monitoring your church’s growth, managing rooms, and resource bookings, visualizing group tasks, tracking group attendance, and so on.

Volunteer management

Volunteers are valuable for any organization. Churches are not an exclusion. Many of the church’s functions would not happen without the assistance of volunteers.

Use church administration software features to use to help the community, connect with each other and serve your church.

Now it’s easy to manage and coordinate volunteers, match the right person for the right job, track screening requirements, schedule activities using a smart roadmap and much more.

Event management

One of the most important aims of church management software is to provide opportunities for people to fellowship.

Events help to bring the church together and create new opportunities for people to reach out to the community.

Hygger will help you organize the countless details that may be required: to host successful events for everyone in the church, allow members to register online, communicate schedule changes and updates to the community and much more.

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