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Nowadays high-skilled and enthusiastic teams require dynamic collaboration and focusing on what really matters. They need smart management tools to optimize business processes and increase the company’s results.

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Business process management software that helps to succeed

Any business requires clear and well-coordinated processes and actions, as well as the use of high-quality management software. The main goal of business process management software (BPM software) is to determine, automate, and track all business processes timely. It helps managers and teams in optimizing their important activities and reach the company's goals. Smart BPM tools define processes that cover the company’s operations, monitor all processes and help to automate them. Hygger is a great example of BPM software - it helps to look at the big picture and can be used by any department.

What is the BPM software life-cycle?

Business process management activities may be combined into the following stages: process design, modeling, execution, monitoring, and optimization.

Process design stage

At this stage, existing processes and the design of potential processes are identified. The process design stage is about the representation of the process flow and all the factors within it. It also includes notifications and alerts, typical operating procedures, agreements, and all task mechanisms.

In fact, this stage is aimed to ensure a new efficient and correct design.

Process modeling stage

The next stage is process modeling. It’s about taking the theoretical design and introducing the variety of combinations.

Process execution stage

In general, the execution stage means enacting a modeled business process. It’s possible to enact a business process manually automatically. The combination of both manual and automatical tasks is also possible.

You may easily automate processes with the help of special services that execute the required steps of the process. One more way is to apply a combination of software and human intervention. This approach is more complex.

Hygger proposes to define and manage the full business process and make every step clear and easy.

Process monitoring stage

Process monitoring allows tracking individual processes. Managers are able to see the information on current state and get statistics on the processes’ performance. This can be used for working with clients and suppliers to improve their connected processes.

Convenient Kanban-like boards on Hygger allow making the monitoring stage well-visualized and cozy.

Process optimization stage

During the stage of optimization you are able to:

  • retrieve process performance info (from modeling or monitoring phase)
  • identify all bottlenecks and the opportunities for improvement (for example, for cost savings)
  • apply those enhancements in the process design.

Hygger will help you to discover critical activities and bottlenecks and create greater business value!

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