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Find, track, and resolve bugs throughout the entire development process with the help of bug and issue tracking software

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Bug tracking with the help of Hygger

A bug tracking or defect tracking software is a system that keeps track of reported bugs in software projects.

Bug tracking software essence

Some of the tools allow users to enter bug reports directly, some bug tracking systems can be used only internally in a company.

Modern automated bug tracking systems help to recognize and manage software bugs easily and deliver great products on time.

Bug tracking software components

A database that contains detailed facts about bugs is the main component of any bug tracking system. These facts can be associated with the level of bug severity, the time bugs were reported, the details on how to reproduce the specific bug and so on. Facts should also include the info about the person who reports a bug and developers who may fix it.

High-quality tracking visualization

Capture bugs and manage them rigorously with the help of Hygger functionality!

After identifying a bug, create an issue with all the bug details: the level of severity, bug description, clear screenshots, version, etc. The bug may concern anything in a software project.

Hygger allows to visualize the big picture in one place and to figure out what’s stuck. With the help of the platform, you may provide your team with a clear overview of various bug statuses make updates and assign bugs with minimal effort.

Automate and notify

The bug tracking system allows you to customize projects so that all required people are notified when something changes. When new bugs are captured they will be routed to the correct team member.

Notifications in Hygger can be configured to automatically update someone when a status change occurs.

Assign bugs and prioritize them easily

Just a few keystrokes from the ticket and a bug is assigned. Prioritizing the bugs is as simple as dragging and dropping them into To Do column.

When you’ve captured bugs, it is time to rank and prioritize them according to the importance and urgency of each issue. Consider the team’s workload capacity as well.

You may use convenient prioritization frameworks in Hygger to prioritize bugs professionally.

Manage workflows and monitor the work easily

Bug tracking systems help teams plan and track all aspects of the software development cycle.

Hygger functionality was designed to be the connective chain for software teams. The platform gives your team full control of the end-to-end development and allows to manage workflows and monitor work without extra efforts.

Provide clear communication

In order to ensure that everyone in your team has all the data they need to fix bugs, you have to communicate with them easily and on time.

Hygger guarantees that everyone will be on the same page and things will be done more effectively.

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