Empower your team with Agile project management software

Harmonize your Agile projects with a powerful software solution

Agile project management software provides everything you need to start or refine your project management practices.

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Empower your team with Agile management software to increase collaboration and respond to market trends

Hygger is a stunning uncluttered online project management tool for Agile teams to plan, build, and launch best products.

Progress visualization

Progress visualization literally means that you make things that people might have different views on visible. Visualization does matter as it increases your Agile team collaboration. When processes are visible, it becomes easier to work together.

Use visualization to discuss the ways of working, solve all kinds of problems, agree upon new functionality, get insight into the progress, align different views on a specific topic, etc.

Manage a backlog

A product backlog is a prioritized list of work (your brilliant ideas, requests from customers and product requirements) for the development team to do that comes from a product roadmap.

Hygger lets to maintain a product backlog professionally. With its help, you are able to prioritize and order the ideas and plan iterations.

Apply Kanban or Scrum boards

Kanban and Scrum boards are used to visualize all the work that’s being done. You may apply them for planning resources to see the work and develop timelines.

Modern Agile project management software provides convenient boards to run Kanban and Scrum projects, structuring them with columns and lanes that stories pass through on their way to completion.

You put your ideas, features or tasks into To Do column until the WIP limit allows for the next task to be worked on. Swimlanes and Labels help to categorize tasks.

Simplify sprint planning

The functionality of Agile management software allows tracking sprint plans, milestones, and launch dates to keep everyone focused in a professional way.

Use Hygger to run as many sprints as you need and track their progress with a Burndown Chart and Sprint Progress Tracker.

Empower collaboration

Collaboration with teammates is an essential element of modern Agile project management software.

Use convenient conversations to ask questions about a project, make announcements to your team or comment on a single task.

Estimate tasks

Powerful Agile management software gives you an opportunity to estimate tasks using story points, hours or both of them.

Log the time it took to do a task and track progress using hours logged and hours estimated ratio.

Apply reporting

Project estimations help to determine what teams can get done at the beginning of the sprint and demonstrate how accurate those initial estimates were at the end.

It’s rather important to collect all worklogs across the projects for all employees and track the hours spent on tasks and projects. The Hygger timesheet report will professionally assist!

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