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Online Scrum Boards for Agile Software Development

Use Hygger to manage your product backlog and run sprints with selected stories and tasks

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Build and ship your software faster and with better quality

Plan Your Sprints

Score features, pick out the right ones from the top of the prioritized backlog and plan the next sprint with the Velocity in mind.

Run Sprints and Track Progress

Start as much Sprints as you need and track their status using Burndown Chart and Sprint Progress Tracker.

Categorize Tasks Using Swimlanes and Labels

Organize tasks on your boards using Swimlanes or Labels and make blockers and bottlenecks visible.

Estimate Tasks and Track Time

Estimate tasks using story points, hours or both of them. Log time and track team's performance in Time Tracking Reports.

Limit Work in Progress

Limit the amount of work in progress and make it easier to identify inefficiency in a team's workflow.

Analyze Sprints' Results

Analyze completed Sprints in Sprint Release Report and track team's productivity on Velocity Chart.

Align Your Team with Your Company's Goals

Use Roadmap to share global plans and closest releases to the whole company.

More features to help you deliver the highest quality software

Burndown Chart

Track your Sprints progress on Burndown chart and see whether you manage to meet deadlines.

Velocity Report

Determine your team's velocity and estimate the work your team can likely achieve in future sprints.

Sprint Release Report

Make regular retrospectives for completed Sprints: see the actual work done during the sprint and adjust your future estimations.

Progress Tracker

Track progress of your Sprint using different metrics: number of tasks completed, number of story points completed, hours completed.

Story Points and Hours estimation

Estimate tasks using Story Points, Hours or both of them.

Swimlanes and Labels

Organize tasks on your boards using Swimlanes and Labels.

Time Tracking with Reports

Log time on tasks to track your team performance and generate detailed reports.

WIP Limits

Restrict the number of tasks in progress for any status and determine bottlenecks in your workflow.


Get only the team updates you need, instead of a flood of unwanted messages.

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Decrease time to market and increase your ROI with the help of Scrum in Hygger.

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