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Smarter product backlog management for Agile teams

Use Hygger to prioritize backlog items: epics, features, stories to make your Scrum or Kanban much more effective.

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Save time on managing your Backlog and minimize risk of delaying important decisions for too long.

Collect and Organize Your Insights

Collect insights from your customers and teammates right into Hygger and map them on existing features or create new ones.

Score product features

Measure in order to manage. Score all features by the criteria that really matters using Hygger Advanced Scoring.

Apply ICE Prioritization Technique

Score your features using popular ICE prioritization technique that considers three core metrics: Impact, Cost and Effort.

Use RICE Prioritization Method

Use another technique to score your features - RICE method with four key metrics: Reach, Impact, Confidence and Effort

Plan and track development iterations

Product Backlog is more than just a prioritized list of work. Plan your development iterations, push tasks into Development boards and track their status without even leaving your Backlog.

Hygger provides all essential features you need to gather and prioritize your product Backlog.

Lean Prioritization

Score insights and features using only Value and Efforts factors without any additional criteria.

Advanced Prioritization

Manage criteria for Value and Efforts factors and adjust the influence on the final score.

Custom Prioritization Criteria

Add your own criteria for Value and Efforts factors.

Priority Chart

Visual chart that helps to identify Quick wins and Big bets, filter out Timesinks, and Maybes.

Advanced Priority Table

The table with all your product features ordered by Score.

Columns, Swimlanes and Labels

Organize insights and features on Backlog board using Columns, Swimlanes and Labels.

Link Insights and Features

Link Insights with appropriate Features within your Backlog.

Push to Development

Send tasks to Development boards and track their status with Task Links.

Tasks Automation

Once a pushed task is completed, its parent task will be automatically moved to Done column on a Backlog board.

Get more benefits with Hygger Integrations

Choose integrations from the Hygger Marketplace to maximize value for your customers.

Hygger helps you to keep Backlog well organized and spot the priorities at a glance.

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