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How does Hygger’s pricing work?

The price of Standard plan:
• Annual subscription: $7/user (20% discount or 2 months for free).
• Monthly subscription: $9/user.

The price of Enterprise plan:
• Annual subscription: $14/user (20% discount or 2 months for free).
• Monthly subscription: $18/user.

Which members are included in subscription cost?

You pay only for active users. Active user is a user who has confirmed their email after registration or invitation to a Company. Users, that were removed from a company, or unconfirmed ones are not included in the subscription cost.

How is the annual subscription cost calculated?

You can save 20% with an annual membership, which means you will use Hygger for free during 2 months.

Does Hygger provide a discount for nonprofits?

Yes, we provide a discount for nonprofit organizations. Please contact our support team for further information: [email protected]

Can I try Hygger for free?

You can use Hygger for free for the first 50 tasks after signing up. During that period you can fully explore all the capabilities and features of the platform.

How is the price for new users calculated?

The price for a new member in a company will be charged proportionally for the remainder of the current billing period.

How do I cancel membership?

You can cancel your membership in Hygger any time you want - just contact us. However, we won’t give refunds for cancellation or plan downgrades.

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