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6 Things to Consider for Successful Adoption of Your SaaS Idea

6 Things to Consider for Successful Adoption of Your SaaS Idea

In all organizations, there is a set of methods that help them quickly adopt SaaS products. This article will give you an insight into criteria for evaluating the likelihood of your B2B idea’s adoption.

1. It easily involves users 

Involving users (people sign up and do something on your site) is a SaaS product’s top priority. One way to speed up is to change the process: have the user do something first and then sign them up.

Some portals do a great job at this – within a few clicks and no email verification, you’re editing your own website without any technical knowledge. Others ask your website URL first, and only at the end request your email. By allowing the user to do tasks before signing up, you are able to show them the value of your service in advance.

If you ask the user to generate content to utilize the product, then new users are more likely to abandon before activating. However, some products are cases of successes in this area. Their approach is to show value in the primary action. But whatever action you choose, make it consistent, ideally at the beginning of the involvement process.

2. It provides a calculator for ROI

Some portals offer an ROI calculator because their business model has a clear connection to cost. By calculating a number of simple variables, such as company size, they tell clients how quickly they’ll break even from purchasing the tool and how much revenue is saved each year. Definitively calculating how much money your service saves companies will close more sales than not. Better yet, tell the clients how much money you will make them.

3.It needs to be used by a few people

If you want to involve more clients to use your product, your businesses will face more friction in both retention and involvement. Procurement committees always are fearful of how difficult it is to involve users. Recognize different numerous integration options to mitigate company leadership’s involvement concerns. For products that only require a handful of users, admins can individually invite employees. That’s why business collaboration tools (portals) focus on teams, rather than entire companies. If you get a team or two, you can then pursue the rest of the organization.

4. It automates manual tasks

Software development involves many tasks that make it ready for automation. By adopting technology that simplifies their workflow, engineers will thank you for releasing them to do more creative work.

5. It can be used less frequently

If the users don’t view your product as a duty, it’s more likely that they will continue the subscription. Such an example is a service that analyzes media to determine how positively the public views their clients. They send a monthly report via email to executives. The benefit is the executives may not look at it one month, but they will keep paying for it.

6. It brings money

Most people would like to make more money than save money. Changing current behaviors and creating new ones always brings some risks. People may not like the changes, and the changes themselves may not decrease costs.

On the contrary, everyone loves new sales. If a product (or service) directly increases revenue, the price point can be higher than another product that promises to save money. Just ask yourself what you would prefer  – to save your company 20% or to increase your sales by 20%?


You can choose different approaches, but always keep in mind the challenges your new product faces. One strategy is to take the above criteria and give your idea a 0-10 score for each point. Add up the score and decide if the idea is strong or weak in business SaaS adoption. The goal is to stay reasonable and scientific with your main business ideas.

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