Scrum Project Management Tools


Scrum Project Management Tools

Scrum Project Management Tools

If you are a software developer, you definitely wonder: “What are the best Scrum project management tools?” In this article we will try to answer it. But before doing that we should understand the process of Scrum project management.

As we know, Scrum is a popular Agile methodology of software development. It is based on the principle of iterative cycles, also known as sprints. There are four main activities in the process of Scrum management:

The planning meeting

This meeting is conducted at the beginning of each sprint. The goal is to create a Scrum plan that should not be changed in the process of its performance. The Scrum plan must include all tasks that should be performed during a certain sprint.

The daily Scrums

The daily Scrums are conducted every morning. All members of the Scrum team participate in them. The main goal of such meetings is to inform the team on the tasks performed by each developer and to report on the work done during the previous day.

The sprint review

This meeting is usually conducted at the end of each sprint. It is aimed at discussing the developed product with the Product Owner, or other stakeholders involved in the process of its creation.

The retrospective

After the product that was created during the sprint is estimated by the Product Owner, the team conducts a retrospective to find out what went well and what went wrong during the previous sprint.

Scrum project management tools were designed to simplify the above mentioned activities. They are actually applications aimed at automating the process of Scrum project management. Before Scrum project management software was invented, the Scrum teams used Agile sprint boards to manage their projects. Such board is a tool that reflects all tasks that are performed during one sprint. It also visualizes the stages of their performance. Agile task boards are used during the sprint planning meetings, daily Scrums and sprint reviews.

Most modern Scrum project management tools are just digital versions of good old Agile task boards. They usually have the same functions. The only difference is that you are able to use them on your computer, so there is no need to leave your working place to see the information on the task board.

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