Waterfall Agile Tools


Main Features Of Waterfall Agile Tools

Main Features Of Waterfall Agile Tools

Modern software development industry has lots of tools to manage various projects. Waterfall Agile tools are one of them. In this article we will tell you about their main features. But before doing that it is necessary to find the proper definition for project management tools in software development.

A project management tool is an application created in order to simplify the work of software developers. As we have already mentioned, there are lots of such tools in modern software development market. However, most of them are designed for certain methodologies. They cannot be used to manage the projects that develop in other methodologies. That is because of the fact that every software development method has its own principles of work. Some of them require constant workflow visualization. Others need to have advanced bug tracking systems. Hence, it is hard to create a universal project management application.

Waterfall and Agile are two popular software development methodologies. They are based on totally different principles. Agile teams work in strong communication and involve their customers into the process of project realization. Waterfall projects have sequential structure and strong documentation.

That is why Waterfall Agile tools are called universal project management applications. They are subdivided into two large categories: open source Waterfall Agile tools and paid applications. Regardless of the category, such applications must have an extremely wide functionality. They must be able to visualize the workflow of Agile and Waterfall teams in several different ways. In most cases such applications can also be used as bug trackers. Most modern software developers want to have one application that is capable of  solving all project issues including management and defect tracking.

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